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Impecsoft strongly believes that SMEs (small & medium size enterprises) can be supported by focused and cost-effective, yet high quality ERP solutions. We currently focus on providing ERPs to SMEs in niche areas like Agriculture & Packaging industries. We aim to extend our ERP product-base across other niche sectors.

As we specialize in these environments with the leaders in respective industries backing us, we also provide high-end IT services and Consultancy in .Net / SQL server areas.

We are part of most - respected and esteemed Tulasi group.Tulasi as a group have won accolades for value-based businesses and also well-known for corporate social responsibility in India. We carry the same spirit as Tulasi group in providing services backed by value-based business.

Impecsoft makes an ideal partner for organizations looking for spot-or solutions. Most of the solutions available in the market have exhaustic features not used by local companies. The value for money paid in such cases is 0.1%. This is where Impecsoft strives to bring the difference.

Our Leader

Tulasi Ramachandra Prabhu is well-known in the business circles as pioneer of technology and innovation. He has always strived to transform businesses, by making business functions simpler, faster and better through technology. His vision and guidance backed by the core values he has instilled in us, gives us the motivation to travel in the right path.

Chairman's message
The global economic scenario, the rapid rate of technological advancement, the information revolution, all have opened new series of challenges as well as opportunities.
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