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Trends Harvest focuses on seeds industry and seamlessly integrates various functions simplifying various tasks in day-to-day operations and thereby, effectively prepares the organization for future.

Industry-Specific Modules
Supporting Modules
1. Market planning 6. Processing 1. Product characteristics and registration
2. Forecasting 7. Inventory 2. Finance and accounting
3. Production Planning 8. Management 3. Supply Chain Management
4. Production Contracting 9. Quality Control 4. Customer Relationship Management
5. Purchases 10. Sales 5. Management of non-seed materials
6. Breeding 11. Buyer Management  

A little more about Industry-Specific business processes that TRENDS Harvest addresses:


  Define production areas, villages, organizers and growers

  Initiate production jobs for season by allocating acreage and foundation seed to growers

  Define grower contracts . Track advances to growers

  Track production job: Allocation of lot numbers, First, second, third and fourth inspections,
     Transfer certificate, FORM-I&II and other statutory documents

  Crop specific inspection reports. Track yield for various varieties based on rejected lots

  Forecast total intake

  Approval process for lot rejection

  Handle seed delivery to plants


  Intake: Lot wise, truck wise

  Standard bag size or bag-wise intake

  Intake of stock transfers, sales returns, and third party seed procurement

  Definition of godowns with dimensions and capacity

  Grower payments

  Define procurement pricing per production area per crop/variety

  Issue inward/outward gate passes

Sales & Dispatch                                                                                                                                                                                               

  Track sales in multi-level sales areas (zones, states, districts) at distributor and dealer level and preferred dealers

  Track retail sales and plan distributor to distributor stock transfers. Automatically generate credit and debit notes

  Define pricing per crop/variety for sales areas based on pricing schemes including commissions and discounts

  Define distributor specific pricing plans

  Handle stock transfer requests across locations

  Customizable numbering scheme for sales orders, delivery orders, dispatches and invoices

Processing & Packing                                                                                                                                                                                     

  Define processing plants and processing lines with capacity data

  Create and track processing jobs: input lots, output lots, waste material, by products, direct dispatches

     from processing lines

Quality Control                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  Track test results based on coding

  Track tests like GOT, STL and BT

  Handle failed lots returns to grower

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