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Impecsoft invested heavily in time & money in developing technology-based Centers of Excellence in-house team who are capable of working in the best suitable software engineering model to deliver super fast solutions.

.NET – Microsoft based technologies is the prime area of focus for research and software development. Our focus areas include .NET Services, ASP.NET and Windows Forms.

PHP – is another area which provides elegant solutions yet cost-effective solutions. PHP/MySQL Center of Excellence specializes in vast areas - from web development to application design.

SharePoint – Our SharePoint Centre of Excellence  is one specialization center which has created wonders across multiple organizations and in establishing Intranets and wonderful corporate portals.

Our work includes:

  Issue and Task Tracking.

  Incoming/Outgoing Email Alerts & Notifications.

  Wikis, Blogs and Surveys.

  RSS Feeds and Discussion Boards.

  Integration with Outlook 2007 and Office 2007.

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  TULASI Seeds
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