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Machinery maintenance refers to the methods, strategies, and practices used to keep an industrial factory running efficiently. This can include anything from regular checks of equipment to make sure they are functioning properly, to cleaning garbage bins and toilets. The general aim of plant maintenance is to create a productive working environment that is also safe for workers.

One common preventative measure is the periodic checking of machinery to see if it is operating correctly. This can prevent equipment from breakdowns and help to identify possible problems that would otherwise cost the plant due to work stoppage.

Worried about the Machinery Maintenance of your plant?

Here Comes the TRENDS Plant Maintenance Module that covers all equipment / machines of the plant.

The major sub-system of plant maintenance module in TRENDS ERP comprises of:

1. Preventive Maintenance Control
2. Equipment Tracking
3. Component Tracking
4. Repair and spare parts maintenance warranty claim tracking

Trends Enterprise Asset Management

TRENDS Enterprise Asset Management solutions provide a full, clear view of an organizations asset infrastructure and the workforce maintaining it. Our capabilities extend beyond traditional production assets. With our solutions, you can manage fleet assets (mining vehicles to carpools), linear assets (roads, rail, and transmission) and facilities (schools, office buildings). With Mincom, you can manage multiple asset types and still have one clear view of the entire asset infrastructure.


   Improves asset use
   Ensures equipment readiness and safety
   Increases plant and equipment productivity
   Decreases life-cycle costs.
   Manage the lifecycle of an asset from design through operational life to disposal

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