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Trends Packaging focuses on a typical Packaging industry and seamlessly integrates various functions simplifying various tasks in day-to-day operations and thereby, preparing the organization for future.

Industry-Specific Modules
Supporting Modules
1. Market planning 5. Inventory Management 1. Product characteristics and registration
2. Production 6. Quality Control 2. Finance and accounting
3. Marketing 7. Sales 3. Supply Chain Management
4. Plant Maintenance 8. Human Resource 4. Customer Relationship Management

A little more about industry-specific business processes that TRENDS Packaging addresses:


  Define plants, godowns, supervisors, payment methods, deductions per crop and variety

  Track the material handling,machinery requirements,testing facilities etc

  Track production job:Allocation of lotnumbers,first,second,third,fourth inspections,transfercertificate,FORM-I&II

     and other statutory documents

  Forecast total intake

  Approval process forlot rejection

Additional features for packing industry                                                                                                                                                   

  Control of packaging data   Raw material Consumption
  Product Configuration and Planning   Fuel Consumption
  Material Planning   Work-in-progress
  Production scheduling   Finished Goods
  Production Process   Machinery
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