Trends Materials/Inventory Management manages critical functions, which include materials procurement or purchase order processing, inventory control, stores management and materials valuation.

          Objectives and Advantages

          A closer look at Material Procurement

  • Capture materials requirement

  • Determine source of supply by selecting vendors

  • Process purchase orders

  • Monitor purchase orders

  • Receive goods in the warehouse

  • Verify accuracy and validity of purchase invoices against orders and goods received

  • Post-invoice activities like sales tax forms and waybills

  • Indents - Indents Analysis ( Itemwise/delivery due date schedule)

  • Enquiries

  • Quotations & Offers received

  • Purchase orders

  • Pending purchase orders - Purchase order amendments

  • Materials inward

    • Quality Inspection

    • Material rejection excise

  • Purchase Invoice - Bill/date/item/vendor-wise

  • Debit/Credit note registers

Features and Highlights
  • Geared to handle all the inventory needs and materials control requirements of a factory including vendor registration, vendor evaluation (on basis of price, quality, delivery and service) and quality inspection

  • Allows inventory to be measured in a number of units, with immediate conversion between units

  • Multi-warehouse stock handling

  • Activity-based costing by defining cost centers and monitoring consumption of materials

  • Comparative study of costs to planned consumption

  • Track Excise claims

  • Detailed materials procurement analysis through a host of MIS reports, such as Item Rate Analysis, Lead time Analysis, Item Supply Performance and Supplier Analysis

  • Generate stock analysis reports

  • Consumption forecast with the aid of Re-Order Level, minimum and maximum levels

  • Physical stock verification and adjustment of differences

  • Reserve materials received against specific production orders

  • Batch-wise inventory for products

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